About us

  The company Sandner Schalt- und Systemtechnik GmbH
was founded in the year 2005,
to continue production of special designed high current switchgears.

These were largely developed and produced
by Peterreins Schalttechnik GmbH, Schwabach, in the past.

In 2003 Peterreins GmbH was taken over by EFEN GmbH.
Following the relocation of prodution in 2005,
the production of special switchgears has been discontinued
by EFEN GmbH.

Our Company manufactures these special switchgears
according to customers requirements as well as standard designed
switchgears (IEC 947) for clients all over the world.
The parts for this are prodominantly manufactured by us.

“Made in Germany”

Since November 2008, we produce in our new production hall
in the community Georgensgmünd.

The manager, Mr. Dieter Sandner,
Master of Electrical- and Energy Engineering,
has knowledge acquired of its education and training,
as well as a 25-years tenure with the above companies.