OFF Load - Switch 1- bis 4-poles HMA Series

  OFF Load - Switch
3- und 4-poles
1000 - 4000 Amperes
withside lever operated - Series HMA
with hook operated - Series FMA
with motor - Series FMA-MOT4

3- und 4-poles Front operated series HMA
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Used in:
The no-break switch are mainly used as feeder and busbar isolator used.
You are solely for konzepiert circuit without load. With these devices, switchgear and systems
are safe from the power supply for example, expansion - and to allow maintenance work.
The devices have been turned off a large enough visible dividing line between the fixed contacts and the contacts.
You comply with the isolator requirements to VDE1000.

Used in:
• Feeder and busbar disconnectors

The modular design of the devices from rated current 630 amperes with different dimensions
(difference pole center, extended connection points) can be made.