Bypass - Switch 3 - and 4-pin Front operated series FMU BY1

  Front operated switch load
3 - and 4-pole
63-4000 Amperes
Series FMU-BY

Switch 3 - and 4-pin Front operated series
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Used in:
Bypass - the switch types FMU BY1 connect a consumer choice between two energy sources (eg network - and emergency power supply).
The switching function of the devices I - 0 - II is in position I of the consumer with the power supply,
connected to position II with the emergency power supply or the generator. In the 0-position, both energy sources
are separated by the consumer and switched entirely free of tension. - Pass switches are preferably used in installations
where the power only briefly or not be interrupted.

Most used places:
• Post
• Train
• Radio / Broadcasting
• Traffic operations
• Airports
• hospitals