Load Changeover - Switch 3 - and 4-pin Front operated

  Front operated switch load
3 - and 4-pole
63-4000 Amperes
Series FMU

Switch 3 - and 4-pin Front operated series
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Used in:
Diverter switch of the types FMU connect a consumer choice between two energy sources (eg network - and emergency power supply).
The switching function of the devices I - 0 - II is in position I of the consumer with the power supply, connected to position II with the emergency power supply or the generator. In the 0-position, both energy sources are separated by
the consumer and switched entirely free of tension. Load switches are preferably used in installations where the power
only briefly or not be interrupted.

Most used places:
• Post
• Train
• Radio / Broadcasting
• Traffic operations
• Airports
• hospitals